For a lot of brands the success of a campaign is hung up on engagement (and therefore shares). 

Shares and engagement with the content are of course important metrics and we need them to understand if the content was received well by the audience. But what’s surprising is how often the reporting stops there. 

This week we’re going to look into:


Earned Impressions

Earned Impressions are any impressions that arise from a social share. 



Without this metric you’re unable to track how valuable your shares are. Earned impressions show how hard your engagement with the content is working and whether once shared people are coming back to the read the content that you’ve paid for. It also allows you to find trends in your data, for example Twitter might be driving sharing but not as many earned impressions as Facebook.

Without earned impressions you can’t understand how hard your shares are working for you. It’s a significant metric for uncovering weaknesses in share copy and creative. 


In fact earned impressions can help you to pick top performing content for promotion that can help extend your campaign reach. 

On a recent Nudge measured campaign we reviewed the top 10%, to find out why the content was working so hard. The answer – they had optimized the share copy. These pieces of content were driving 3X the amount of earned impressions as the other pieces of content. 

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 7.55.10 amSo as you can see this metric links back into your engagement and shares. But without it you wouldn’t be able to understand where the high performance was coming from. Great share copy can help reach, engagement and virality and it’s important to remember – this is the organic traffic back to your content. But without the metric earned impressions, how do you uncover that?

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