Ben Young
Ben Young
February 28, 2020

One big thing
Thoroughly enjoyed the content/campaigns this week from Patagonia and The Trade Desk. Brilliant.

We saw this paired with Comcast acquiring Xumo. The extension, or working harder of branded content, through to OTT is a no brainer – especially when the quality of production means it is a realistic opportunity.

Notable stories this week

  • Influencers are starting to add paywalls, or going their close friends list for a fee.
  • WSJ is launching a new section called the Experience Report, backed by SAP.
  • Bloomberg's new influencers are still not disclosing.
  • LadBible looks to diversify revenue at Colin Gottlieb becomes Chief Growth Officer.
  • [Video] Sponsored content is a big opportunity zone for creative marketing.
  • [Long read] James Smith goes down the rabbit hole of tracking how Facebook is sharing data.


  • Comcast acquired Xumo for more than $100m, an advertising-supported streaming service (AVOD). Xumo reported having 10m monthly active users.
  • Minute Media raises $40m at a valuation exceeding $500m.

Campaign of the week

Content by The Trade Desk

Smartest commentary

  • [On sponsored posts] “I’ve found the only way to be sustainably successful is to tune out what everyone else is doing in this space and simply say yes to the partnerships that make sense for me and my audience, say no to the rest”Olivia Muenter, Instagram Influencer

Datapoints of note

  • 43% of marketers said that the quality of an influencer’s content was their prime concern when choosing a collaborator. That’s over their relevance, engagement or reach – which actually came last.




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