Native tactics are simple ways to grow the value and scale of your native content campaigns.In this blog series, we’ll be featuring tactics that you may or may not currently have in your arsenal, but most definitely should.Over time, this blog series will feature a bunch of great tactics that you and your team should be utilizing – find them here

#2 Plan for SEO

Search engine optimization need not be a dirty word for brand campaigns, it can conjure up images of low quality content. But it doesn’t have to.This post is just to keep SEO in mind, as you build out the content. Think about the headline, will it draw searchers in, are you using the right terms. If you arrive from search what would you want to do? What would you want to do next?These values or ethos from SEO are actually quite valuable in improving not only your content. But if you do get ranking, your distribution.Google always ranks as a high quality distribution source in Nudge quality benchmarks.You might be asking, will I rank? It’s paid content. We still see paid content ranking, as from Googles perspective, if it’s the best content for that search term they will show it.Now, there are different ways of going about this, but the options below is a great way to get started: That’s it – simple as.Thanks for reading, until next time (and if you literally can’t wait… here are more posts from this series)!