Ben Young
Ben Young
April 19, 2024

Edition #445

Is Airchat the hot new thing? Collectively we all broke ground on new advertising highs and comments as a media channel.

A topic I’ve had on my list to talk about is trust environments, places where data can be stored safely, or exchanged. It works, when there is a LOT of data and both parties want to work together, but keep their respective value. But outside that? It seems too fragmented for most other situations though. Look at this eCommerce partnership with Amazon & Meta as a good example.

I attended MeasureCamp over the weekend in NJ, it’s an unconference type format, where the attendees suggest their own topics! And you just go to the ones that are of interest. Super neat format. And you kind of have to be in to the subject area to go along in the weekend. Wrote on it more here.

And it kind of arose in the MeasureCamp topics, about companies and the data they collect. Yes a firm might be collecting data, but does it mean they are doing things which are nefarious. It does not. It gives potential to, but doesn’t mean they are. Naturally regulating or monitoring the data collected is the easiest way to avoid it happening.

Which is where the idea of trust environments come in, if you don’t have data, who else might have it, and can you partner with them so the data can be put together in a way that’s more constructive.

Conceptually you can see a lot more of these types of arrangements will happen over time. Or firms will look at synthetic data, if we can’t get the exact data, can we get data that’s good enough. The data itself is prone to error or gaps. So synthetic data in some cases it is as good as. Synthetic data is created from machine learning or AI models. It’s not real data, but its methodology is ground in real modeled data. And it’s been around forever, it’s the glue which keeps most of the industry moving. Ever seen the interest topics created on you? Synthetic data.

Finally, there’s a great write up on Duolingo & using the comments section, smarty witty comments, getting attention. It’s like that concept of newsjacking, jumping on a hot topic. With comments though, you’re right there in whatever is hot right now.

Next week will be the Attention Happy Hour in NYC if you’re about, come along.

Notable stories this week


Campaign of the week

  • Mercury launched their Personal bank accounts, with a neat video on moving banking forward. I mean, how often would you put the words neat and banking together.

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Smartest commentary

  • “Our comment strategy was simple: the comment section was the new Duolingo push notification.” Zaria Pervez, Global Social Manager, Duolingo.

Datapoints of note

  • Medium passes 1m members.
  • 41% of marketers spend at least half of their time preparing data for use in campaigns and analysis. And more than a third say they spend 25% to 50% of their time on the task.
  • Internet advertising up 7.3%. Spending a record $225b on online ads last year.

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That’s it for this week.