Ben Young
Ben Young
January 29, 2024

All the datapoints of note from the newsletter this year.

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This list, top to bottom, goes from oldest to newest.

  • In November, Comscore reported that The Messenger generated 88m page views in only 7 months.
  • Substack writer Eric Newcomer says his revenue surpassed $1m in 2023. With 75,000 free subscribers and 2,000 paid subscribers.
  • People on TikTok are reportedly tipping as much as $11m a day.
  • Online holiday spending jumps nearly 5%.
  • With the meal kit industry booming in the past few years, Home Chef onboarded Phrasee to increase conversions and drive ROI by optimizing language for their acquisition and reactivation campaigns. As a result, Phrasee has continuously found the winning recipe for customers. Home Chef has seen a 29% average click rate uplift and a 21% average open rate uplift.
  • Uncookied Chrome users appear to be monetizing about 30% worse than those with cookies. That seems bad, but itโ€™s far better than the 60% worse performance of Safari users.
  • TikTok shop fees to go up from 2% to 8% in July.
  • Prime Video is coming to market with CPMs in the mid to low 30s.
  • Nearly 50% of marketers frustrated by lack of retail media inventory.
  • Most watched networks/platforms in 2024 according to Nielsen.
  • Disney self-serve ad platform grows to onboarding 4,200 brands, 1,000 agencies.
  • 2024 State of Email Newsletters.
  • Over 4 billion people open up their email inboxes. 50% check it daily.
  • Roblox MAUs hit 355m in Dec, 23. More than the de-duplicated Switch + Xbox + Minecraft + Playstation MAU.
  • Peacock AFC Wild Card game is biggest live streamed event in US history. Using up to 30% of internet capacity. Averaging 23m viewers.
  • Advertising on the Sphere during Super Bowl will cost up to $2m.
  • For Coca Cola, In 2019, 30% of its media spend was dedicated to digital media. In comparison, it spent a whopping 60% on digital channels through the first three quarters of 2023.
  • Almost two-thirds (63%) of the survey respondents say they are worried about a sharp decline in referral traffic from social media sites โ€“ a 48% drop from Facebook and 27% from X/Twitter.
  • Netflix added 13m subscribers in the past quarter.
  • Consumers are bad at guessing whether content is produced by humans or AI. Over half (53%) were wrong when asked if they were served content written by a human or AI.
  • AI-generated content performs on par with human content across key characteristics. It is seen as equally attention-grabbing, engaging, and authentic as human-created content, and even outperformed human content when it comes to personability and relatableness.
  • MrBeasts first video on X make $263k over 156m impressions.
  • The Bulwark generates $3.6m in newsletter subscriptions.
  • Bot clicks and fake traffic set to cost advertisers over $71bn in 2024.
  • Early Arc search data has 40% of all search queries using their browse for me feature.
  • YouTube has paid more than $70b to creators, artists and media companies in the last three years.
  • More Americans ages 18 to 29 said theyโ€™d used YouTube (93%), Instagram (78%), and Facebook (67%) than TikTok (62%) in 2023.
  • Medium recommends stories about 8 billion times every month.
  • Temu spent $3b last year on marketing, $1.2b went to Meta.
  • Stacker content drove millions of page views per quarter to Nexstar in 2023.
  • If Google kills cookies, Criteo expects a $30m-$40m revenue drop in Q4.
  • YouTube TV grows to 8m subscribers.
  • Amazon Advertising revenue hits $14.6b in latest quarter.
  • Threads now reaches more than 130m monthly users.
  • Super Bowl LVIII becomes most-watched US broadcast in history at 123.4m viewers.
  • Firefox gets 80% of its funding through Google.
  • Podcasting now accounts for 50% of Slates advertising revenue.
  • On demand audio now makes up 50.3% of audio listening.
  • 58% of publishers added branded content ad products in 2023.
  • Instagram Ads on Reels payout for 64 million views was $592 for this creator. 15% from profile views.
  • Substack-based Ankler Media eyes $10m revenue next year.
  • 100m users pay for YouTube Music/Premium. And represents 8.6% of viewing on television screens.