Ben Young
Ben Young
May 21, 2021




Edition #327 – Apple Tracking Ad

One big thing

I enjoyed Apples new ‘Tracked’ ad which satirically shows a man ordering coffee, then the barista following him, sharing his information as he encounters new people. Through the day he collects more and more people following him. It concludes with him turning on App Tracking Transparency.

This just helps regular folks get it, which I don’t mind. It’s taken someone of Apples weight to push this change through, whilst many in the industry would agree with it – little are in the position to resolve it.

As more and more information gets digital it is an opportunity to get more control over other data that is tracked about you. Data collection isn’t a new thing but this feels like the right time in the digitization of our lives to have more rigor around data collection.

In this weeks reads is a long form from Benedict Evans, on can Apple change ads? Worth a read on the subject. My inkling is their ad strategy is very much tied to their search strategy. Which is why we dived in to that prior.

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Campaign of the week

Smartest commentary

  • “If you span diverse areas you should link a lot to competitor newsletters (you seem like a more insightful guide), if you are in an area where things change fast, like sports, don’t link to others (you’ll seem to break news).”Ethan Mollick, referencing an older academic paper ‘How blogs build an audience by promoting rivals’.

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