Introducing the next exciting phase of Nudge with its newly built AI intelligence layer, features, updates, and Nudge Spectrum.
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Content prediction

‘Predict how well your content will do before it goes live’   Through Nudge’s latest artificial intelligence layer, the platform now has the ability to determine key metrics associated with a campaign before it goes live, including the ability to increase impressions to a given traffic source, and in turn show how that could affect the campaign.  

Executive Notes

‘Let Nudge AI do the heavy reporting for you’   All campaigns and activity end up on a boss’s desk somewhere, summed up in 2-3 bullet points. Our hypothesis was that we could get to those bullet points a lot faster and shift that cognitive load from the end user to Nudge. With our Executive Notes, we analyze client’s campaigns and turn it into a number of sentences, which we then create a hierarchy on, depending on the industry, benchmarks, objectives, KPIs. In turn, we then surface that in our insights tab.  


‘Get a full view of exactly how impactful your content is on your audiences’   With Nudge, marketers now have a connection from behavior, to demographics, to purchase intent. This means that they now have the full view of exactly how impactful your content is on your audiences, from start to finish, and where you need to optimize in accordance with the business objectives. Nudge demographics looks at metrics such as attention minutes, gender and age.  

Content Stream

‘Reduce the time it takes to build campaigns and minimize the risk of error’   When you go to build a campaign, Nudge Content Stream allows you to see all of the pieces of content that haven’t yet been added to a campaign. In turn, this reduces the time it takes for your team to build campaigns and minimizes the risk of error, which is part of our commitment to making the platform even smarter and easier to use.  

Facebook Video

‘Optimize your Facebook Videos towards Engagement’   Nudge now has the functionality to track Facebook’s rich metrics for videos. This gives really interesting, detailed and complementary metrics to Nudge. Metrics such as completion rates, average time viewed, auto-plays vs intent-plays will be surfaced in your campaign dashboard. Give your team the tools to quickly analyze and refine your campaigns towards maximum engagement.  

Nudge Spectrum

‘Take your people based marketing to the next level’   Nudge Spectrum lets you build smart custom audiences based on how they consume your content, to which you can retarget, enabling your marketing team to take your People Based Marketing to the next level. Nudge Spectrum allows you to build these smart audience segments and activate them through partners like Facebook & LiveRamp. Simply show us the data you want, and we’ll send it to you.  


‘Maximize conversion on your content’   We’ve heavily optimized Nudge’s storage, as well as retrieval methods for the more intensive parts of the application, with up to 35x speed increases. You are now also able breakdown by conversion, view-through conversion, and conversion by device.  

Public Links

‘Share the data stories you like, with whomever you like, without giving them the key to your dashboard’   With Nudge, you are now able to export an existing Dashboard view, without giving somebody else your credentials. This is perfect for meetings, or for sending to partners who only need to see the exact data you want them to.  

Edit screens

‘Quickly and easily navigate your way around campaigns’   As our feature-set has grown, the need to tweak these features has grown with it, but not the design of the edit campaign area. We’ve spent time breaking the individual components from one large page, into logically grouped tabs. This means you can jump exactly to the part of the campaign you need, without having to wade through one enormous page of options.  

Installation Checker

‘Instantly learn what content & pixels that are active on page’   Being another key part of the dashboard, our Installation Checker has been given a facelift to help with our current, and broad, feature set. You will now be able to see detected videos on your content and get information as to which of our Nudge conversion pixels are active on page. If something’s wrong, the installation checker automatically sheds a light of the problem and how to fix it.  

Campaign exports

‘Share your campaign results with your team and stakeholders in an instant’   We’ve worked to heavily speed up our export process, which is a key part of many users’ workflows in our Dashboard. We’re seeing speeds between 1/4th and 1/8th of the previous time taken.    Keen to know more? Contact us here and we’ll set up a call.