Ben Young
Ben Young
January 5, 2023

How Enterprise pricing works at Nudge. We charge a platform fee, which is based on traffic volume.

To estimate, you can use our Pricing calculator at the bottom of our pricing page.

Typically you can bundle Enterprise Services once your platform fee exceeds $70k/year or $5.8k/month.


Notes on what counts as billable traffic

For agencies, if you are placing Nudge on the destination page or piece of content. You want to estimate the total traffic or clicks to that piece of content. If your plan, only quantifies the total impressions of units promoting that piece of content, multiply by the expected click through rate, to estimate your traffic.

For example, 500,000 impressions by 1% CTR is 10,000 billable impressions.

Then the second check, is to break that into a monthly volume, often media plans will be for a longer duration. So it may be you need to adjust to, that is over 3 months, so our billable impressions is less per month.