Gustaf Stenlund
Gustaf Stenlund
July 20, 2017

In this post, we look at what the first few weeks of Nudge looks like, from implementation, resources & reports, to when you’ll see initial campaign data flow through.
For short term engagement, the process is accelerated; this post reflects the setup of what long-term engagement with Nudge is like.
Contact your Nudge Account Manager today, to get started with Nudge.
If this happens to be slightly premature reading for you; here’s how Nudge enables brands, agencies, and publishers to be more successful with their native content campaigns.

Nudge Implementation Phases

At Nudge, we run a phased approach to kick off your first 90 days.
This allows us to set up, run training, insights and help with your first report. The below information shows how we roll this out.
Each phase can take 1-3 weeks.

Phase One: Implementation, Insights & Research [2 – 3 weeks]

In phase one, a Nudge specialist provides planning insights, content insights and helps you set KPIs from prior data. In this stage, we also leverage your particular industry benchmarks to make sure we’re setting the right KPIs.
Implementing Nudge:

  • Nudge account manager to send through code during content production time.
  • Code to be placed on paid campaigns.
  • URL tagging included.
  • Data Validity: Based on different content formats, our tech team will run data validity tests to make sure that data is being recorded correctly.


Phase Two: Training & Campaign Planning [1 week]

Armed with data from phase one, your team can plan upcoming campaign/s.
During this stage, a Nudge Account Manager will also run training session/s with relevant team members. This includes a walk through of the product, setting up campaigns, whitelisting URL and adding people/clients to campaigns.

Phase Three: Publisher & Brand Integration [1 – 2 weeks]

The Nudge tech team is on hand to make sure that all the publishers and brand sites have installed the Nudge code ahead of your campaigns and that all distribution is correctly tagged with the Nudge click tags.
As Nudge is a simple line of javascript with various plug ins, this is a straightforward process and can be implemented within 5 minutes, however, with internal systems at brands and publishers we generally see implementation take up to 2 weeks.
On top of this, your Nudge Account Manager will pull initial insights to share with your team.

Phase Four: Measurement & Real-time Reporting

During phase four it’s business as usual.
Once your campaign is live the team can access the Nudge Dashboard so that at any time they can view their content campaigns in real-time, metrics and insights, to uncover insights and optimizations that will enable the content to hit KPIs and drive real time learnings.
As a publisher, just imagine.. no more waiting for data exports to uncover what’s happening…
A Nudge Account Manager is on hand to provide optimization suggestions during the campaign to make sure that all KPIs are met.

Each Quarter

During each quarter, a Nudge Account Manager will run a Nudge University course with your team to talk through your account and industry learnings.
Campaign learnings will be summarised and next quarter plans will be reviewed to implement those learnings.


No matter if you’re an agency, a brand or a publisher, we will develop implementation plans based on your specific needs.
Once Nudge has been implemented, KPIs have been set, and your campaign’s been launched, you’re set; no hidden drama, no extra lines of code, no extra work…
A Nudge Account Manager will be close to hand during each of these setup stages, happy to help and consistently checking in on progress and suggesting campaign edits – all to make sure that you deliver on your campaign’s objectives.
Get in touch to receive a tailored implementation plan of Nudge for your content campaigns.