Ben Young
Ben Young
June 28, 2019

One big thing
Since last week there’s been a few more write-ups on Cannes (i.e. brand purpose hypocrisy at Cannes), not entirely sure what it was about this year which has struck a chord – but it has. This piece on the New York Times from Farhad Manjoo continues last week’s chat (that it’s all about the people you bump into), the global parties you’re not invited to.

Notable stories this week

  • Branded content struggles rumble on via Digiday. Insightful view on what is an easily solved problem.
  • NBC paying $100m/year to take back The Office in 2021.
  • LinkedIn to favor conversations in the feed, encourage content to be posted by people and not brands. “internal research found that participation wasn’t even across the platform, and that much of the attention in on LinkedIn was skewed towards the top 1% of power users, according to Tim Jurka, Director of Artificial Intelligence at LinkedIn.”
  • BBC StoryWorks continues to make strides with its branded content in India.
  • Congrats to Eric Berry for winning marketing and advertising entrepreneur of the year.
  • Why does content matter?
  • How Tubular worked with Portal A in architecting a branded content campaign. Yes, it’s all roses but it shows who simple data-assisted steps create great work.


  • DataMath sells to LiveRamp to improve TV targeting.

Campaign of the week

Smartest commentary

  • “First-party audience data drives customer acquisition and revenue, but transaction data (media spend) drives intelligence and visibility to optimize actions and defend budgets.”Ravi Patel, COO, Adfin



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