Ben Young
Ben Young
March 16, 2018

I thoroughly enjoyed the Slade and BuzzFeed pieces, give them a read, or a save for later.

ALSO, Nudge is making a strategist available, for those who need some help, starting, growing or being smarter with content investments. Email Gustaf for more info.

Notable stories this week

Campaign of the Week

  • Bushmills on Munchies this week, planning out your St Patricks day with guides for right across the country. Some classics in here.
  • MailChimp on Vox, the myth of nature’s second brain explained. Interesting, on brand for MailChimp, and in front of the right audience. Good to see Vox getting traction with their explainer video format. Watch out for ‘manage the back end of your small business’.

Datapoints of note


  • [NY Content Dinner] If you’re in NY in April, we’re hosting another content dinner, let me know if you’d like to join. I’ll add you to the invite list.

Thanks for reading, keep an eye out for our periscope this morning, follow @bwagy @giveitanudge, we’ll be discussing this and any questions you may have.




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