Gustaf Stenlund
Gustaf Stenlund
September 27, 2017


Nudge integrates artificial intelligence into its native content platform

Technology provides predictive intelligence of content performance and audience interaction for native content campaigns.
Nudge, a New York-based technology platform, provides reporting and analytics for modern content marketing and native advertising campaigns. Today, it announced an artificial intelligence (AI) integration to provide new prediction models for performance of paid content.
The algorithms help marketers bring clarity to key moments of the marketing funnel, like the likelihood of conversion, advance predictions of content performance, and automatic, executive campaign summaries.
“We envision the application of artificial intelligence as a fundamental step toward making mission-critical marketing processes smarter, more efficient, and easier to use,” said Ben Young, CEO of Nudge. “We’ve begun the journey of customizing our use of AI and implementing it into the core product, and you’ll see more additions and evolutions every quarter.”
Nudge embraces AI, not as a product within itself, but as a powerful thread that weaves through the platform and data science, helping to improve everything.
Following are Nudge’s initial AI efforts described by Ben Young:

  • Attribution: ‘we have created conversion prediction algorithms, which can determine, in real-time, how likely a user is to convert, as they sit on the page.’

  • Content predictions: ‘We observed that most marketers aren’t A/B testing content after it’s gone live, the insight being A/B testing has to happen BEFORE go-live. So we built a content prediction engine, to predict the success of content before it goes live. This also paves the way for content indexes and competitive insights.’

  • Executive notes: ‘All campaigns and activity end up on a boss’s desk somewhere, summed up in 2-3 bullet points. Our hypothesis was we could get to those bullet points faster and shift that cognitive load from the end user to Nudge. We analyze the campaign and crystallize it into an executive summary, upon which we create a hierarchy, depending on the industry, benchmarks, objectives, KPIs, and highlight the insights. Our customized machine learning will help us accurately predict the top insights.’

Nudge’s initial R&D hints at the intelligence layer they’re building, and each quarter they continue to augment, customize and optimize their efforts.
“Marketers need an unfair advantage. The ability to create predictive models for how content will perform, as well as understand potential conversion before it happens, changes how campaigns will be run,” said Colin Nagy, Head of Strategy for FRED & FARID, a global creative agency.
When a marketer runs a content prediction, within seconds they have reaped the knowledge of (on average) 35 million data-points.
Contrast this with the current methodology of setting content live, and then having to overspend to compensate for poor performing content.
To learn more about how Nudge attempts to overhaul the native advertising industry through AI, upcoming product features, or to book a demo, contact us here.
About Nudge
Nudge has proudly been serving its customers with its branded content analytics software since 2013, helping marketers drive better business outcomes.
Content marketing today is complicated. With distributed content, multiple partners, and varying formats, teams waste time with outdated processes.
Nudge, built by marketers for marketers, addresses this gap with simple, one-stop software to organize, manage, optimize and report on native campaigns. The platform delivers insights in real-time through normalized metrics via a beautiful dashboard, allowing actionable intelligence to back the best content.
Nudge also allows distribution optimization, industry benchmarking, attribution, and bot traffic filtering, all supported by a world-class customer service team that understands the needs of modern marketers.