Ben Young
Ben Young
December 28, 2015

Not all native advertisers should do content marketing but all content marketers should do native.


If you are doing content marketing, you reach a point whereby you need a fresh audience, new eyeballs on what you’re working on. That’s where native works really well, to bring in distribution (through in-feed) and context/relevance through buying content. All effective content marketers will get to this point.

However, not all native advertisers can do content-marketing whether it’s resourcing, return on investment, or simply put audiences don’t want to go to their website.

A perfect example, a brand has a limited digital budget and internal resource, it makes sense for their team to invest in ongoing content through a publisher, who handles the whole program for them.

Both situations, have the common objective, reaching new audiences. Just different methods of leveraging it.

Just a reminder, they aren’t mutually exclusive, native and content marketing are perpetually intertwined.