Ben Young
Ben Young
January 17, 2020

Marketing metrics are tracked and measured by your marketing analytics software.

To track the metrics, you need to install the code provided by your marketing analytics partner. Some metrics may need additional configuration, for example tracking conversions, or engagement rates. Which may need defining with additional o’clock actions.

Once you have installed the code, you will need to QA it to make sure it is tracking correctly. Then after a few hours, you should be able to log in and view your marketing metrics.

That is the simplistic explanation. Some systems are aggregators, and they pull in metrics that others have measured first hand. And you do have platforms that do both, giving you the aggregation of the data in one place.

But so, the tldr; use a specialist marketing analytics or content analytics platform, to track your marketing metrics, show them in a dashboard, give you automated insights and allow you to distribute to stakeholders.

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