measuring marketing success
measuring marketing success

When Isaac Newton established the first law of motion, every action has an equal and opposite reaction, he probably didn’t have content marketing in mind. But it’s a useful thought to have in mind when thinking about return on investment. 

Establishing ROI in three simple steps works like this:

1. You need to start with, what did we give the market, or what resources did we expend. 

2. Identify to what end, what goals were you trying to achieve with the content

3. Finally, what did you get back from the market. 

The reason this is hard, because first you need to quantity the first step, you need to have a solid content marketing strategy in place AND you need to have the right tools for content measurement. 

To further examine each in more detail, we have essential reading, the first is How to articulate the ROI of your content, the content factors that drive ROI and content marketing ROI statistics. 

Marketers use up to six different tools in establishing ROI. Nudge is a content marketing analytics, attribution & intelligence platform that puts it together in one simple platform that anyone can use.