Gustaf Stenlund
Gustaf Stenlund
March 27, 2014

Digital marketing has in recent years created higher expectations for both customers and employees due to all the different ways they can be reached. Social media plays a big part in this along with the fact that people more or less carry a mobile device on their person at all times. Studies have shown that people pick up their phones 150 times per day, and emails are checked 30 times per hour. With all that content going around the internet, it creates more and more competition between brands, publishers, and every content creator out there.

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According to Nielsen, 27, 000, 000 pieces of content are shared every day and the information in the world doubles every 18 months.

So how can your brand compete?

Trust is the essential ingredient; emotion is the new sentiment and actually beats promotion by a factor of 2 to 1. Buyers look for a human connection which builds trust with whomever they choose to buy from. Solution selling is no longer the road you want to take; there are far more effective communication techniques to reach your target audience. Right now content marketing is being used by more than 90 % of marketers, however, only 42 % find that their content marketing’s working effectively. So how can you stand out from the noise and reach your intended target audience?

Visual Storytelling


Here’s where visual storytelling comes in; this is extremely trendy and people want more of it. Visual storytelling is by definition the use of images, videos, infographics, presentations and other graphical stories related to key brand values and offerings.

It’s proven that 90% of the information sent to the brain is visual and that it’s processed 60, 000 times faster than text. It’s known and evidently so, that people have shorter attention spans nowadays. Posts with videos generate approximately 3x more inbound links than text posts, and articles with images attract 94% more views. This explains why sites like Pinterest, Vine and Instagram are growing all the time.

The main goal when utilizing visual storytelling in your strategy is to curate content that captures company’s goals, vision and voice while driving an action from the end consumer. Visual storytelling’s really something every marketer should consider for their content strategy.

You’ll find some great examples of Visual Storytelling below: