This Week in Native Ads

This Week in Native Ads 11/14

  Campaign of the Week: Global Technology Adoption Index: A Reality Check from the Mid-Market When it comes to tech trends, multi-billion-dollar enterprises dominate the discussion, while midsize companies often go overlooked. Dell is seeking to fill this information gap with its inaugural Global Technology Adoption Index. Source: New York Times Why we like it: Dell […] Read More

by , November 13, 2014

Native Ad News

Best practices for placing native ad content

In this post we share a few insights we get by providing analytics for native ad content.  Keep in mind this is a nascent industry so standards are still being developed but this is a place to start. Evaluate the technology stack You want to check for a few things: On your native ad content, how […] Read More

by , November 11, 2014

This Week in Native Ads

This Week in Native Ads 11/07

  Campaign of the Week: 36 Hours and Google Maps Plan your next adventure with Google.  
Google brings you an app inside the New York Times, to showcase Google Maps as a travel planning tool.  How would you spend 36 Hours in Chicago? Source: New York Times Why we like it: Another high production values execution […] Read More

by , November 6, 2014

This Week in Native Ads

This week in Native Ads 10/30

  Campaign of the Week: Flavoured Trend, New Flavors Every whisky has its own flavour profile. Most Canadian whisky tastes of honey, maple and toffee. Flavoured whisky takes one of these notes and intensifies it. “That’s why it works so well,” says Don Livermore, master blender at Wiser’s. “It still tastes like whisky, but with a more […] Read More

by , October 30, 2014

Nudge News

Hiring: VP of Sales

We are seeking a senior sales person to join our team, you will be leading the charge on on our existing pipeline of leads. We have more than we can keep up with! Day to day includes: – Pitching prospects – Helping us move deals through the pipeline – Assisting with onboard (we’re still a […] Read More

by , October 30, 2014