Edition #368
Fortune partners with SalesForce+ in this weeks edition, headless chickens & Roku ARPU.

One big thing

For many in sales it feels obvious that when you’re having multiple conversations and the potential partner is really engaged, that you’re more likely to make a sale. Yet when it comes to this sort of engagement or touch points online it doesn’t feel the same. Conceptually people get it but it hasn’t quite clicked for many.

RealEyes released a study this week and have identified where the tide is beginning to shift. 65% of participants in their study report that attention is a conversion stage in the sales and customer journey. That is a good sign. Rather than running around like headless chickens, using the signals consumers give us from their behavior is vital to understanding progress.

Notable stories this week


  • Mavrck raises $135m and acquires link in bio company Later.
  • Vice is looking to sell its studio business.
  • Roku & Apollo team up on Starz bid.

Campaign of the Week

  • Fortune & SalesForce, the Ecopreneurs. A video series on entrepreneurs focused on saving the planet. Also a lead in for SalesForce+.

Datapoints of note

That’s it for this week.


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