Ben Young
Ben Young
September 6, 2019

One big thing

Given the post Labor Day rush and short week this week is a bit lighter.

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Notable stories this week

  • Sara Fischer calls it the Brexit Bump, FT profits $8.15m revenue up 65% YOY, mirrored by success with Guardian and News UK.
  • Contently welcomes a new CEO, Pearl Collings for the next phase growth. An exciting development and good to see.
  • Outbrain integrates with Google Display & Video 360.
  • Digiday gets into product placement revenues, “‘Rainy day and sunny day money’”.
  • [Long read] From content to experience to context – a buzzword debate that actually matters.
  • Local Media released its branded content whitepaper, you can download it here.


  • Podcast startup apparently didn’t raise $100m? Axios digs in.

Campaign of the week

  • Discover the treasures of Slovenia, by I Feel Slovenia on NYT. A visually attractive piece which blends great storytelling with compelling imagery and videos. But overall, why is this a good piece? Because after reading it, you want to go to Slovenia.
  • Showtime on The Daily Beast with a piece called Who rises to the top of a pyramid scheme? A piece which effectively shines a light on Showtime’s new series, “On Becoming A God in Central Florida”, and links through to the brand site throughout the article.
  • Submit your own and view the best campaigns of 2019.

Smartest commentary

  • “Content is a more complicated challenge than anyone realizes. It’s one thing to create a great Instagram video, one solid sales deck, or a single one-sheet. It’s an entirely other thing to create consistent, high-quality content that ladders up to business goals across all of your channels, lines of business, and geographies. Very few brands have figured it out—a big reason that the top 5 percent of branded content drives 90 percent of all engagement.”Pearl Collings, CEO, Contently

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