Gustaf Stenlund
Gustaf Stenlund
April 1, 2014

Today’s marketing is all about content, or not just content but good content. Everyone wants to create content and draw attention to their blog, article, product, brand and so on. And they are also willing to pay money for it. Why is that? Well, according to Demand Metrics, content marketing has been known to generate three times as many leads as traditional leads. Statistic research from Voliter Digital claims that shared pieces of content are up to five times more likely to result in a purchase. This is further strengthened by Content Council who says that 61 % of consumers are more likely to buy from companies that produces content.

But how can I draw attention to my content? There are a lot of tools on the market to help you with just that, and one of them is Outbrain. Outbrain is a content discovery platform on the web. It’s a tool for both buyers; called Amplify and for publishers; called Engage.

Outbrain Amplify

Outbrain Amplify is the “buyer side” of Outbrain and it’s all about driving more traffic to your site. Links to your best pieces of content are shown as recommendation on well-known publisher sites within in the Outbrain network. Often these links are shown in an own section called “other links you might like” or “ Links we recommend”. This includes publishers like Wall Street Journal, Reuters & and CNN and over 100.000 other publishers.




It’s important to know that Outbrain optimizes on engagement which means that the more interesting your content is and the more traffic you drive, the more your links are going to be recommended around the web. Further more, Outbrain reserves the right to reject any content. Due to those reasons, here is a list of tips to make your content work:

Type of content

Outbrain allows you to use different kinds of formats in order for you to drive traffic, these are articles, blog posts, videos, earned media and positive reviews, slideshows and mobile-optimized content. But it’s important that your content is strictly editorial, since promotional content is not accepted by Outbrain. This means that you can not drive traffic to pages with the purpose of generating leads or sales.

Think of quality before quantity, providing low quality content is not going to help you at all since Outbrain recommend links based on engagement, and engagement comes from good content. The thing about content marketing is that the content should be entertaining, educational or informative and not directly for promoting products.

Go mobile

Increase your consumer base by making your content mobile friendly.


Content videos is the new big thing, embrace it! Outbrain support videos, so go on and be creative.


Outbrain lets the user decide on budget after capacity. This allows even small companies to use the platform. Outbrain use a simple Cost-per-Click method and the budget is set by the buyer per day and Outbrain will not be exceed this amount. A great tips is to create different campaigns for separate pieces of content. This will allow more flexibility with budgets and makes it easier to evaluate their performances.


Create an interesting and inviting headline and link text which will get readers to click on your link and continue reading. Outbrain lets you play around with this until you find whats work the best for your content. Some tips are; don’t use your brand name, bait the reader with a question, don’t get too pushy and don’t get too personal.

Outbrain Engage

Outbrain Engage is the “publishers side” of outbrain. With this tool you are able to get smarter engagement, as your audience’s browsing habits across all types of content allows Outbrain to recommend personalized links based on previously viewed content.

It is a very helpful tool for publishers as it helps their readers by showing tailored content as it links to other websites. These recommendations are based on trending and social popularity, which is contextually correlated with the page the user is visiting. It’s also filtered in a way that it’s not showing you recommendations that you’ve already seen, and the behavioral aspect of the user also plays a part, such as “people who read this also read this”.

 The Outbrain Engage Editorial Suite is the only real-time analytics solution made to specifically enhance the hand of editors in data driven newsrooms with tools that provide real-time decision support and producers of content. Outbrain makes sure that publishers get a reduced complexity of managing content and also increase audience engagement across a publisher’s web properties.

Real time Recommendations

Every good editor can make sharp decisions, they do however lack time and resources to properly assess situations and put their skills to work which in turn optimizes the reader experience; here’s where Outbrain gives the editor the data-driven tools which allows the editors to make even smarter and faster decisions.

They do this by tracking audience activity and with editorial instructions provided by the publisher. Outbrain offers suggestions to the editorial teams along with a direct means to take action.

Instant Headline & Image Testing

This is an exclusive feature which provides “on the fly” editorial control to further increase audience engagement. The editor enters an alternative headline/image and just hit the test button, then Outbrain does all the work. When they’ve gathered enough data, the more effective of the alternatives will be used at a full-time basis.

A Clear View of Social Success

It’s vital to manage social media in your editorial. Outbrain provides support on social reporting, performance, recommendations, and automation directly from their platform. It’ll give insight into how useful you are in the social channel together with recommendations on what your next move should be.

Maximize Audience Engagement

Content differs from one another, which is why editors and publishers can assign explicit values to different types of categories of content, with Outbrain. Being able to get hands on real time insight and what content that best can drive editorial and financial objectives, will give editors the chance to make the most of their traffic, which in turn will create recirculating visitors via optimized modules, recommendations, and a better knowledge base of audience expectations.