Ben Young
Ben Young
August 17, 2018

Are you going to DMEXCO next month? Let me know, maybe we do a This Week in Native get together.

One big thing
The ability to optimize most advertising. This MediaPost by Dave Morgan – is spot on. Subtly in the past couple of years, most forms of advertising are now optimizable. Not 100% but it’s a great thought.

Will this finally shake ‘optimization as a service’ back to agencies?


I loved the Supreme drop this week, so good.

Notable stories this week

  • Facebook’s message to media – we are not interested in talking to you about your traffic… that is the old world and there is no going back.
  • ^ Reminds me somewhat of what the DotDash CEO was saying on a DigiDay panel a few months back. When queried about Google taking data and putting it in the search results – which in the short term decreased page views. They have leaned in to it, Google’s role is to deliver timely information, but readers want more, we provide that. DotDash has been doing quite well recently…
  • A write up on the BeesWax success with brands. Well done Ari + team.
  • Ronan Shields has joined AdWeek and come hot out the gate with Will the good times keep rolling at The Trade Desk? A couple of arising thoughts – will they be taken private? Will they get aggressive on acquisitions? Or BAU and continue investing.
  • SEO is back. What does this mean for content? Less clickbait, more utility, added value to the user.
  • Conde Nast looking to introduce more short format video solutions and grow their non-advertising business in their drive to profitability.
  • [Long read] Bryan Menegus tries to get to, what is his attention worth to advertisers? Read his quest to find out.
  • Viacom bets on advanced marketing solutions platform. Expect acquisitions.
  • How Volvo’s media partnership grew partnership intent.
  • BuzzFeed’s Matt Trotta heads to PlayBuzz.
  • Amazon is testing video ads in mobile search results.


  • Explosions across the native/content space: Signs of consolidation or growth?

Campaign of the week

Datapoints of note

  • A Deloitte and OnResearch study found that 1/3 of respondents spend more than 5% of their annual revenues on technology.
  • By 2021 analyst Michael Olson believes that advertising income will exceed AWS for Amazon.
  • ^ Wow. That’s a whole Facebook worth of income.
  • For advertisers, the pricing for the Shoppable AR Lenses is the same as typical AR Lenses, between $10 and $14 for 1,000 AR Lens plays.
  • 75% of brands tracked by MediaRadar ran programmatic.
  • Gannett saw on the national front, strong double-digit year-over-year growth in digital media revenues with advances in video, high impact digital display, branded content, and sponsorship.
  • India’s branded entertainment content is expected to touch $1.6b by 2022.
  • [Tech/design discussion] On how AMP drove a 70% decline in conversion.


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