Ben Young
Ben Young
June 15, 2018

This week’s edition is a little late – I shifted house yesterday so got caught in that madness.

The World Cup has started and so has the content that goes with it – which we’ll share over the next few weeks.

In the office pool I have Belgium & Croatia, so if you’re yet to get behind a team – here’s a couple. 🙂

Also, word is, valuations are jumping with the AT&T approval, lets see how this changes the landscape.

Notable stories this week

  • Branded content is key for bringing branding budgets online. Great piece from Eric Berry, side stepping the duopoly conversation, to the shared enemy, TV spend. He’s not wrong though. Just see our datapoints on brand uplift.
  • [Long read] Is the New Air Jordan Documentary a glimpse at the future of brand content? Is it branded content, or not? Apparently not – but that was a conscious decision, made in part by Nike. Curious.
  • PureWow launches a men’s brand, 137pm.
  • LastMinute announces their ContentHub solution. Worth a look if you’re in the travel space.
  • [PDF] Engaging the C-Suite with Content. I like this, we live in a content surplus world.
  • [Long read] A company built on a bluff, the Vice story.
  • Nativo recognized as the largest native advertising marketplace.
  • LinkedIn is launching carousel ads.


  • Inspo Network raises $5.5m to connect sponsors with video content creators.

Campaign of the Week

  • [Nativeception] SV Vision Media celebrating the Creative 100, 11 branded content masterminds who are elevating the art of marketing.
  • How to mix content and targeting to cut through, GumGum on Campaign Live. Some great quotes from their round table.
  • How the World Cup became the biggest game in the world. Fox Sports with USA Today.
  • Father’s Day Surprise with Busch Beer. Give your dad what he wants, a beer, with you.

Smartest commentary

  • “Growing up in a world where options are limitless but time isn’t, Gen Z has adapted to quickly sorting through and accessing an enormous amount of information.”Tarun Arora, Inshorts

Datapoints of note

  • Self-reported Podcast revenues $317m in 2017.
  • From Comscore Data on Nativo: when a user visits the Nativo marketplace, they spend an average 59 seconds per page, compared to 46 seconds for Facebook. Read the post for more datapoints on comparatives with other native players.


  • [July 12th] ARF’s NATIVExSCIENCE. Native advertising and branded content are approaches often outperforming traditional advertising. How to plan? How to develop? How to measure?
  • Native Institute is hosting Native Days this November. Use code NAIFRIENDBEN to save.

[Jobs at Nudge] We are on the lookout for a few, a freelance writer to help with our content, a technical account manager and a developer. Ping me for more details.



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