Ben Young
Ben Young
May 17, 2019

One big thing
This week I got to guest edit Why is this interesting? A daily newsletter by Colin Nagy and Noah Brier.

Using Amazon Prime Video as an example I dig in to, data-driven vs data assisted decision making. And how subjectivity plays a big role even though the data itself is objective.

Check it out.

I’ll be in LA in the coming weeks, if you want to come talk shop, let me know.

Notable stories this week


  • Disney taking operational control of Hulu, with a buy/sell option for the remaining 33% in 2024. Price will be at either the fair market value, or the floor price of $27.5b.
  • DotDash acquires Brides Magazine to build out its lifestyle vertical.
  • Keith Weed invests in influencer platform – Tribe.
  • Salon media abruptly sells to avoid bankruptcy and liquidation.
  • How the Cheddar acquisition could bring home the bacon for Altice. Once you have distribution, dollars follow.
  • Quora raises $60m at a $2b valuation. Approx 100x 2018 revenue.
  • ^ Related: Quora ads are great for distributing content.

Campaign of the week

Branded Content Partnership between EcoWorld on National Geographic

Smartest commentary

  • “Nothing has been disrupted about media except the distribution model. Instead of reading newspapers, we read online news. Instead of watching TV, we can get video on demand on our mobile devices. Instead of buying albums, we stream unlimited music with a subscription service.”Alex Sherman, CNBC

Datapoints of note





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