Ben Young
Ben Young
April 6, 2017

A week of announcements & partnerships this week, from Yahoo to Taboola & AdYouLike. It’s a great sign of maturity in the industry, as the bulge of the adoption curve adopts native, integrations are vital.

Also want to shout out to a friends company, Brand Brief, they’re letting you run influencer campaigns from your phone. Neat stuff.

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  • [On every publishers mind right now] “There is a lot of heavy lifting with sponsored content, and we are vetting ways to get better – what sponsored content works best and automating it using the data operations team we have in place. That’s the next step in the evolution.” – Jay Glogovsky, Vice director of revenue operations
  • [From DigiDay] “Latency is absolutely a problem but it’s not one that one publisher can solve on their own. There are so many areas of the business that create the problem.”
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