Ben Young
Ben Young
April 20, 2018

It’s Friday!

Hello from the Southern Hemisphere, I’m presently editing on my Friday night, this week’s edition is less campaigns and more deeper reads.

BTW, we continuously update all campaigns of the week here, the same with datapoints of note -> and if you’d like to submit your work, Gustaf has tee’d up a form.

Notable stories this week

Smartest commentary

  • “The problem with the megasites is that they select and present “relevant” content to us. Much as we may complain about Facebook, selecting relevant content from an ocean of random sites is an important service. It’s easy for me to imagine relatives and friends building their own sites for baby pictures, announcements, and general talk. That’s what we did in the 90s. But would we go to the trouble of reading those all those sites? Probably not. I didn’t in the 90s, and neither did you.”Mike Loukides, VP Content Strategy, O’Reilly Media
  • “Verified, trusted data can help you gain a deeper understanding of consumers’ needs, hobbies and desires, and in turn, create and deliver more impactful content and a compelling call to action in your native ads.”Courtney McKlveen, Head US Sales, Oath USA

Datapoints of note

  • Global branded entertainment content grew 8% in 2017 to $106.2b.
  • More than 200 publishers have sold vertical video advertising this year, nearly twice the 112 that sold vertical video in Q1, 2017.
  • [Thought provoking] A survey of PR professionals, 64% predict that in 5 years consumers will not be able to tell the difference between news stories & promotional content. And 59% believe the average person will not care if they can tell the difference.
  • ^ Hmmm, the outlets consumers trust, will be those that handle this in a way they expect.

Thanks for reading, we’re a bit light on events, so please share yours. Catch you next week.



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