Brand safety on recommendation ads is the hot topic this week. i.e. knowing that you advertise without having detrimental to your left or right in the recommendation grid.

In tandem Facebook/Google have/are banning fake news sites from their networks. This should help address the brand safety issue by reducing supply of shit ads. Could this mean a tough quarter for recommendation companies who rely on advertising arbitrage?

In the meantime brands will spend on in-feed native, viewed as the brand safe option. I predict this is the exact positioning Google will take with their product – brand safe recommendations.

Notable Stories this Week


Campaign of the Week


  • “There’s no reason that publishers can’t get CPMs on AMP pages that are as high as non-AMP pages. But a lot of publishers still aren’t direct-selling AMP pages, which is limiting the rates they can get.” – Laurent Cordier, Google
  • I love this: “People only dislike native content when it’s crap, in the same way that they dislike any content that is crap.” – Will Harris, GQ
  • “Is viewability part of the archaic or part of the new?”

Datapoints of Note

Trends to Watch/Bleeding Edge

  • Brand safety in recommendation grids. Either it gets solved or Google takes the market. Thoughts?