Ben Young
Ben Young
June 16, 2016

Campaign of the Week:

Woman Deriving Some Sort Of Sick Pleasure From Healthy New Diet, Lifestyle

Source: The Onion


Why we like it:

We always appreciate The Onion’s satirical take on the news and then how they extend that through to brands. This reverse take for NaturesCare pokes fun at how excited people get about being healthy.“Frankly, I can’t believe she goes around openly talking about how much she enjoys snacking on fresh fruits or how far she ran the previous day. It’s messed up.”

Quote of the Week:

“We should look at ad blocking as an opportunity to create something better: a chance to take digital advertising to the next level using the technology and tools that are already at our disposal.”

Dale Lovell, PerformanceIN


Imgur Rolls Out Video Capabilities for Its Native Ads

The photo-sharing platform Imgur is giving marketers the ability to embed video in their promoted posts, which have previously been limited to text, images and GIFs. Discovery Channel and CNN’s Great Big Story are among the first brands to buy in with ads set to start today, Discovery’s to promote Shark Week programming starting June 26.

Source: Imgur


Choose Native Advertising, Says Mirriad, Since 90% Skip Pre-Rolls

Is your video ad reaching the right viewers? According to one agency, you may be hitting only 10 percent of your target demo.Throwing a shadow over online video advertising, U.K. agency Mirriad reports that 90 percent of viewers skip pre-roll ads. That comes from a commissioned survey of over 1,000 adults created by ORC International. The survey also found that 76 percent of people block online ads and skip over TV commercials.



Snapchat paves way to IPO with Ads API and inserts between stories

Snapchat is ready to make the big bucks that could let it go public thanks to a slew of important updates to its ads offering. They’ll give advertisers the spotlight, buying flexibility, return on investment opportunities and measurement to throw huge budgets at Snapchat’s 150 million daily users.

Source: Tech Crunch


Data, CRM And Native Are The Drivers As LinkedIn And Microsoft Announce Wedding Plans

Whether it started off with a Satya Nadella is checking out your profile or not, it certainly ended up with a Nadella is in the news alert — Microsoft is in the process of buying LinkedIn for just north of $26bn. There has been a lot of speculation, as you would expect, over the last 24 hours as to what lies behind Microsoft’s move. LinkedIn’s motivation is a little easier to fathom when you look at the price tag.

Source: MediaPost


FT Is Showing How The Future Of Publishing Is Native

If you want to know the future of publishing, the FT is always a good brand to watch. I remember talking with a former publisher of the paper a handful of years ago in a conversation that waned toward the big numbers of viewers that were leading digital publications, such as The Guardian, were credited with. I will always remember his sage words that the FT would make more from a hundred thousand subscribers than any free newspaper will make out of 20m unique monthly visitors.

Source: MediaPost

New Openings at Nudge: