Hollie-Blue Allum
Hollie-Blue Allum
May 6, 2016

We’re seeking a full-time driven sales and account manager to join our agile sales team. Nudge is a software company which helps agencies & publishers track, measure and manage native advertising content.

Day to day includes:

– Management of sales outreach

– Sales meetings

– On-boarding new clients

– Management of assigned accounts

– Reporting
We’re a young team with the core from New Zealand, it’s a fast-paced environment, very collaborative and continuously experimenting. We have a sales system in place and are looking for a sales and account manager to assist our VP of Accounts. We’d like prior sales experience but what we’re really after is great people skills, attention to detail and a killer sales attitude. There will be training on the job but any experience with sales systems such as outreach or salesforce will be helpful. As part of your job you’ll manage; outreach for your sector, booking and running client sales meetings, email follow ups, on boarding new clients, reporting and account management for any new clients you bring on board.

Work culture is tight, we do a team lunch every Friday, ongoing training and/or attending of events (we do a lot). Networking is great. You will get lots of attention and feedback, our work style is very collaborative and we all push one another to do the best work. And you get to be at the early stages of a massive industry – native ads.

As a company each Friday we get together to see the company Heartbeat, this is a weekly scorecard of the business, it’s an open forum for all to help provide ideas on how we can improve but also means we’re all accountable to each other and it means you can see the direct impact you have on the business as it grows. Everyones voice is heard, if you have great ideas we want to hear them.

As a company, we focus on making our clients superhuman by giving them great software. We believe in beautiful, helpful, intuitive software. We’re not perfect but definitely strive for it.
Please apply, share your experience, and most specifically give us one idea that you think could help grow the business.

This could include a new idea for outreach, a sector we should be targeting or anything else that comes to mind!

Applications to contact@giveitanudge.com