Ben Young
Ben Young
March 24, 2016

Campaign of the Week:

Wakayama – Make it Happen

Source: The Atlantic


Why we like it:

Interactive and artfully put together, this custom feature in CNN tells a great narrative as to why you should visit Wakayama. It includes multiple content types and invites you to the best that Japan has to offer.

Quote of the Week

The success depends on how well editorial content is matched to brand messaging, which makes the content valuable and meaningful to the user.”

– Erfan Djazmi. Essence



Yahoo May Talk To Facebook To Acquire Tumblr Ad Biz

Since dropping about $1 billion on Tumblr back in 2013, Yahoo has had high hopes for the social network. At the very least, some of Tumblr’s cachet among cool, mobile-first kids was supposed to rub off on the aging Web portal. Rather than lifting Yahoo’s prospects, however, Tumblr appears to have been weighed down by the digital dinosaur and its prehistoric business practices.

Source: Media Post


Hearst looks for global scale to native ads

“We’re facing the same challenges all digital publishers face: distributed audience, ad blocking, viewability, changing trust models in the commercial model, challenging subscription models in terms of consumers expecting stuff for free, and diminishing attention spans.”

Source: Digiday


CBS Interactive Is Ramping Up Its Native Programmatic Advertising Game

“I thought it was an oxymoron,” Morris said. “It just didn’t make sense to me that you would be able to scale a native ad across many different sights, but then when I saw the technology and how it runs on our different platforms, I saw the opportunity.”

Source: Adweek


5 Mistakes Publishers Make with Native Advertising

All three panelists, speaking during the session “How Smart Publishers Are Selling Bigger Native Content Campaigns,” had a few words of caution for publishers looking to sell native content. Here are 5 mistakes publishers should avoid.

Source: Pubexec


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