Ben Young
Ben Young
March 3, 2016

Campaign of the Week:

Smart Moves – See how Editors Strike a Balance Between Workouts, Weekends, and Beyond.

Source: Who What Wear


Why we like it:

Brought to you by New Balance, this native ad in Who What Wear, brings relevant value for the reader with content that is easy to navigate and share. It speaks to it’s audience and fits well into the site. Something we’ve learned from our recent fashion report is that audience within the fashion category look for content that is easy to consume, over more complex storytelling content.

For more insights in native advertising within the fashion industry, look out for our most recent report that will go live shortly. Interested in other categories? We’ve got them all covered here.

Quote of the Week

With 60-plus percent of our digital revenue tied to sponsor content, it is important that we have similar capabilities to publish and promote natively in the format,”

– Kimberly Lau, VP and Digital GM of The Atlantic



Canvas: Facebook’s Immersive Mobile Ad Experience Launches Internationally

In a partnership with multiple brands and agencies, Facebook wanted to give users the ability to build a brand story on a “canvas,” which likely was the rationale behind its name. Canvas loads directly in a user’s mobile news feed up to 10 times faster than the standard mobile web. This native ad experience is fully customizable for advertisers and creative teams and is available internationally.

Source: Marketing Land


Publishers Talk About Using FB Instant Articles; Vice’s Cable Channel Will Have Native Ads

The publishers, who have experimented with Instant Articles to varying degrees, have seen better audience engagement due to faster load times and richer article formats. But many struggle with a lack of support for branded content and native ads.

Source: AdExchange


Two Weeks After Going All In On Native Ads, LinkedIn Enables Company Targeting

“This has been one of the most requested features for years, and it comes down to prioritization,” said Penry Price, VP of marketing solutions for LinkedIn.

Source: AdExchange


New in Editor: Native Ads, faster ad extension imports

“We continually strive to find ways to save your time by improving the performance of Bing Ads Editor. We’re pleased to announce that in this release, importing ad extensions is now 5 times faster!”

Source: Bing


How Forbes is tackling the irony that is ‘brand journalism’ to drive ad revenues

“Over the last five years we’ve seen our audience grow from 12 million to 50 million and have been able to create scale around a premium product, said Howard. “Scale gives us more targeting opportunities, which is a huge opportunity because we’ve got more [advertisers] looking at smaller businesses and affluent entrepreneurs.”

Source: The Drum


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