March 3, 2016

Advertisers, publishers, and agencies are adjusting their strategies to keep up with the development of native advertising. They are experimenting with new tactics to fit into the digital marketing world. As native advertising is growing conferences are good opportunities to take part of the expertise from leaders in the industry, willing to inspire and share their knowledge. Conferences also give attendees a great chance to network, brainstorm, and share experiences with others.


Native advertising conferences to keep in mind this year

Native Advertising Summit
July 19th, San Francisco, USA
Sharethrough is presenting their fifth annual native advertising conference that is going to be held in July this year. During 2012 when they held the conference for the first time, native advertising was barely an object to appear on the digital landscape, while now it’s far more than a buzzword. The Native Advertising Summit is an event for leaders in the industry to come together and discuss the native transformation of today and the possibilities for tomorrow. The conference consists of subjects as native advertising, programmatic native ads, and content marketing. The conference has been a connection point for the world’s leading brand advertisers to learn about new creative opportunities and emerging media technologies. Previous years they have had speakers from leading native advertising companies, such as the New York Times, Yahoo, Coca-Cola, BuzzFeed, GoPro, Facebook, and Sharethrough themselves.

Content & Native Conference 2016
September 7th, London, UK
Content & Native Conference let agencies, publishers, and advertisers connect during a half day in the beginning of September. The conference is hosted by the Internet Advertising Bureau UK that is inviting companies that operate within the digital advertising industry to speak about related topics. In previous years knowledge about content marketing and native advertising has been shared from industry leaders and experts. A mix between the opportunities that the new era of digital advertising brings, as well as the challenges that might occur, have been big topics during previous conferences. This year the attendees can expect to get a better understanding of how the industry works. This is thanks to that the companies are working closely together to discuss why content is important in the development of premium inventory. Companies as Polar, The Guardian, Outbrain, Yahoo, and Google have attended as speakers at the Content & Native Conference in previous years.

Native Advertising Days
October 31st through November 1st, Copenhagen, Denmark
The Native Advertising Days is a conference provided by the Native Advertising Institute, held in Copenhagen, Denmark. The vision for this event is to empower brand- and media professionals to build better, more effective and valuable native advertising campaigns by bringing them together in one event. The conference is an international native advertising community where people in the industry meet to get inspired, network and learn. The attendees will get the chance to listen to professionals and talented practitioners from various brands, media, and agencies, as they teach about their success in native. The conference is full of keynotes, cases, solid insights, and actionable tools for native campaigns. Attendees will also learn how to leverage native advertising in their own marketing strategy and their activities. Previous years, brands and companies like The New York Times, The Atlantic, TIME, MediaCom, Politico, Postnord, Sharethrough, Twitter, Carlsberg, LinkedIn, Altimeter Group, have come to share their knowledge.


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