Ben Young
Ben Young
February 28, 2014

The internet zigs & zags, it always does, between two paradigms. Winning through technical innovation or winning through creative innovation. When you’re first to a platform just playing there you can win, as it matures you’ve got to get creative with it to win.

Marketing has been shifting on to social platforms, doing the creativity within. Now it’s coming back out – to be content centric. Brands aren’t fretting where the content is they just want to get it in front of people.

This is rolling out in a few ways:

  • Native Ads, getting content where the eyeballs are.
  • Mobile Ads on Social Networks, these are the first stops.
  • Brands truly becoming publishers, brands building content on their own platforms, with the significant investment required to maintain social platforms brands are diversifying.

The next few years this trend is only set to continue so make sure you’re ready for it.