What is a native ad platform?

A platform is a group of technologies from which applications, processes, and technologies are developed. An online marketing platform is an integrated web-based platform where advertisers and publishers buy and sell advertising space. Behind these platforms, there are companies providing possibilities for online marketing. Online marketing platforms that are specialized in native advertising are called “native ad platforms”. These platforms enable marketers to access specialized or multiple native advertising channels. 

When can you use native ad platforms?

There are different types of native advertisements to use depending on what content you want to publish and where you want to publish it. In-feed ads are the most common type of native advertising and which are meant to blend in with the surrounding content on a platform. The challenge with in-feed ads is that they have to be promoted as ads but at the same time they have to fit seamlessly into the rest of the content flow. To enable this, an option could be to cooperate with companies that know what it takes to create ads that will fit into the publisher’s platform. Read more about the different native advertising types here

How can native ad platforms support publishers and advertisers?

Native ad platforms allow content to be spread on different channels and in different formats. In today’s online marketing world it’s attractive to reach many people at the same time, from many devices, and with different types of ads. This is why native ad platforms are good tools to ease the distribution of content for both for publishers and advertisers.To increase the chance of hitting the right targeted audience native ad platforms can help optimize the content in order to fit different types of media. The content has to match with the publisher, brand and target to be able to engage the audience. By providing recommendations, based on individual interests, the user spends more time on the publisher’s platform. It also allows advertisers to address the user throughout the experience. The right technology from a native ad platform enables recommendations across different channels and devices. In short, native ad platforms can be a helpful tool for both advertisers and publishers when it comes to targeting, distribution, optimization, and recommendation of native ad content. 

Platforms and the usage of mobile devices

Because of the high usage of mobile devices today, companies have many reasons to go mobile. A mobile marketplace is somewhere people can come together online and share ideas, thoughts, and creations in today’s society. The fact that it’s possible to visit a marketplace on your mobile device makes it much easier to keep up with the latest news on the market. A mobile marketplace allows publishers and brands to meet and connect in order to create the best collaborations for future marketing campaigns.Native ad platforms specializing in the mobile market help publishers and advertisers to distribute and optimize their content to fit the mobile applications. They aim to achieve seamless integration in order to ease the monetization of the publisher’s mobile traffic. The platforms help preserve the app’s user experience and maximize their mobile revenue. 

Native Ad Platforms:

  • AdsNative is a platform that uses both in-feed and in-ad placement strategy.
  • Adtile focuses on native advertising solutions for the mobile industry.
  • AdYouLike aims to spread brand content natively in any type of editorial content.
  • BidTellect is associated with the delivery of targeted native ads across all devices and in all formats.
  • Connatix allows advertisers and publishers to spread their content across web and mobile media properties.
  • Disqus is a blog comment hosting service offering a platform for social integration.
  • DistroScale is a platform and marketplace for buying, delivering and measuring native content.
  • Kargo is a mobile marketplace that provides publishers and brands with solutions for mobile experiences.
  • MoPub provides a full featured ad serving platform which is optimized for mobile publishers.
  • Namo Media‘s technology allows any mobile app to do custom mobile advertising.
  • Native Ads is a content discovery and in-stream advertising platform which eases the buying and selling process on websites, mobile web and apps.
  • Nativo offers a platform to improve native ad performance by combining automation and insights with quality reach to scale.
  • Plista is an online and mobile advertising platform helping users to determine what advertisements and recommendations to receive.
  • Polar helps publishers to build a scalable native advertising business that leverages existing infrastructure, tools, workflows, and processes.
  • PowerLinks‘s technology enables buyers and sellers of native advertising to virtually meet at one global online-marketplace.
  • PubNative enables mobile publishers to earn revenue by implementing native advertising.
  • ShareThrough provides interacting quality tracking tools, content cards and a system for creative optimization.
  • TripleLift uses technology tools that can read images to format the visual content perfectly on all devices.
  • Yahoo Gemini is marketplace where advertisers can buy, manage, and optimize their mobile search and native ads, in one single place.
  • Yieldmo is a mobile advertising platform designed to optimize revenue for publishers and connect them with advertisers.
  • Zemanta compiles the original content and optimize it for multiple distribution.
We have earlier compiled a list of different native advertising tools that you can read about here.