Ben Young
Ben Young
February 19, 2016

You’re here as you want to find out more about how to measure brand awareness and the associated metrics.

Brand Awareness is:

the extent to which consumers are familiar with the distinctive qualities or image of a particular brand of goods or services.”

Source: Wikipedia

The intent of using this is to understand a baseline level of awareness of your brand and then a post exposure awareness to identify how effective a communications and marketing campaign has been.

In the past this has been achieved through offline brand surveys and splitting exposure by demographics. Asking questions like:

  • How familiar are you with car brands?
  • How many of these brands can you identify?
  • Have you seen a recent campaign for X brand?

This then over a population helps to understand the differences, i.e.

if 20% of an unexposed population are aware of a brand, then 25% of the exposed population identify it – you then know you’ve increased brand awareness 5% of your market or 25% overall.

When exploring brand awareness online and digitally, a similar methodology is utilized, but with the surveys served up using advertising technology.

What can Nudge do to help?

Nudge focuses on tracking and measuring content, behavior on the content and down the funnel actions. Leveraging the platform you can link the brand data back to:

  • Behavioral data, which piece of content was it that had the biggest impact
  • What campaign metrics are driving awareness for you
  • How to get more eyeballs on your best content to drive lift

The beauty of this is being able to do it on the fly, mid campaign, in real-time. This dramatically improves efficiency of spend, knowing you are investing in the best part,

All content and native advertising is about brand and performance. Nudge helps you bridge this gap, to identify insights and improve your content.