Ben Young
Ben Young
October 7, 2014

As a by-product of a recent study, we found that of the participants that identified sponsored content as an ad, 88% could recall the brand in the article. An astonishing result.

We recruited participants to read sponsored content and answer a short survey afterwards. Of the questions, one was to identify who the ad was for.

There were a two key content types:

1) Thought leadership in the brands area.
2) Interview series brought to you by the brand.

Of those that identified the content as an ad, 88% recalled the brand correctly. Brand recall on thought leadership pieces were higher at 94%, however this is contingent on the disclosure, as the user has to understand from whom the content came from.

Likewise, with interview series, subtleties in the execution could increase or lower the end result.

TV & Video stats via IAB:Β

More research is needed but this is an astonishing result and speaks to the untapped effectiveness of custom native ads.