Ben Young
Ben Young
June 8, 2018

If you read this email, chances are you’ve been involved in some great work the past 12 months. Please then, do enter it in to the Native Advertising Awards

This week, the trend is, GDPR is here now, what do we do about it?

Notable stories this week

  • Does programmatic advertising need a rethink? A thought provoking piece on where to next in a post-GDPR world.
  • Your Phone is listening and it’s not paranoia. A great write up on Vice on getting to the bottom of the ads coinciding with conversations mystery.
  • Step aside Pageviews: Media buyers are demanding — and receiving (hey Nudge clients!) – more granular metrics from publishers.
  • The best way to sell native advertising is to show examples.
  • Havas Data Chief pushes measurement to the fore.
  • Apple just made safari the good browser.
  • Instagram to swap to hour long limit. Curious change and one to watch.
  • Contextual targeting is back, “Personalized audience targeting is out the window — it’s not being run [by us] in Europe at all. Contextual is the way forward.”
  • The ‘Facebook shrug’ will change Facebook forever.
  • Brand storytelling is the missing link to building a loyal community of followers – featuring Melanie Deziel.
  • The most overlooked necessities of branded content.
  • How disappearing stories have changed the world of branded content.
  • How Grey Goose makes it digital video super premium.


  • Vista acquires a majority stake in digital ad measurement firm Integral Ad Science.
  • Outbrain acquires AdNgin for automated ad content optimization. Nice!

Campaign of the Week

Smartest commentary

Datapoints of note

  • MediaCom’s recent ‘Effectiveness of Partnerships’ study highlighted the benefits of striking strategic partnerships between advertiser, agency, and media owner. The report concluded that partnerships “can be up to twice as effective pound for pound at driving brand health metrics than standard advertising”.
  • Content makes consumers 131% more likely to buy.
  • AdYouLike served 33m native video ads in the first four months of 2018.
  • 79% of influencers plan to create more branded content in the next year than they currently do.


  • [July 12th] ARF’s NATIVExSCIENCE. Native advertising and branded content are approaches often outperforming traditional advertising. How to plan? How to develop? How to measure?
  • Native Institute is hosting Native Days this November. Use code NAIFRIENDBEN to save.

[Jobs at Nudge] We are on the lookout for a few, a freelance writer to help with our content, a technical account manager and a developer. Ping me for more details, descriptions being shaped up.



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