Ben Young
Ben Young
June 1, 2018

We’ve seen the GDPR roll out continue, more on that below, I think the smartest play I’ve seen is Axel Springer and their new tech.

We hosted our latest content dinner last night, talking on programmatic audio – what opportunities it opens up, the confluence of content marketing and branded content, and what native means in all of this. Thanks to all who came along, hope to catch you at the next one.

Notable stories this week

  • New York Media, Pop Sugar and Rolling Stone are all joining Concert, the digital marketplace operated by Vox. “No individual publisher is going to be able to compete with Facebook and Google,” said Ryan Pauley, vice president of revenue operations at Vox Media and general manager of Concert. “But with Concert, we feel like we have a path to a publisher partnership that can.”
  • ^ These kind of deals are great, the operational challenge is delivering on it. Give them all the support you can, it’s a win for everyone. Well done to the Concert team.
  • Axel Springer opens up its own consent management tool for GDPR. <- this can and should be its own business. I’m surprised Google Tag Manager, or something similar hasn’t handled it.
  • The Content Bottleneck by Noah Brier, touching on the process problem facing businesses as they mature and excel at content.
  • USA Today decided (for GDPR) to run their EU site without any tracking or ads, it dropped the site load 90%.
  • In a post-Facebook era, publishers have diversified their traffic.
  • Programmatic audio is coming to DBM. Consumers are going to love retargeted audio. But seriously TTD have had this for a while, it is something to experiment with and to be thinking about.
  • Twitter is piloting a new ‘timeline’ ad with publishers and Google is trying new feed ads in its Google Feed app.
  • StumbleUpon to be shut down :/ and users transitioned to Mixx.
  • Clients no longer think of branded content and brand ambassadors as a talent model or public-relations budget—instead, it is a media buy that must map back to return on investment.
  • Snap launches an incubator, called Yellow, for content creators.
  • Didit looks to be making a bid for Gawker, reminiscent of BuySellAds buying Digg recently.
  • The Evening Standard comes under fire for its branded content deals in London 2020 – a new sponsorship initiative. Showing that more education is needed by the industry.


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[Jobs at Nudge] We are on the lookout for a few, a freelance writer to help with our content, a technical account manager and a developer. Ping me for more details, descriptions being shaped up.



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