Ben Young
Ben Young
March 16, 2017

A lot of my coffee chats in the last week or so have been around, what is the long run for content?

In the long run, brand created content, distributed.

Or partner creator content, distributed.

In the long run – the best creators, powered by the best tech will win.

It seems in any engagement between advertisers & publishers, itโ€™s who has the best tech that wins. It’s like a technology arms race. But not only the best tech but the most tech capable people.


Notable Stories this Week

Campaign of the Week

  • [ Ecommerce Example ] ASOS on Bustle, this got a few votes in the office, reminding us of warmer weather around the corner. Fast loading, multiple calls to action and timely content.
  • [ Finance/Investment Example ] This is so good. Divestment strategies for disruptive times. Timely – but also a good example of using an infographic to draw people back to your full research report on a brands owned asset.

Smartest Commentary