Ben Young
Ben Young
March 9, 2018

I loved this from the Native Advertising Institute, 100 women leaders in native advertising.

This week is pretty punchy, with a few datapoints of note. Recently I have broadened some of the stories (i.e. this week, Funny or Die swapping platforms to Vox). The reason is to provide more context on the drivers of change that are impacting native.

The market is figuring out who the leaders are, the growth pains are painful for those in it (including us) but ultimately a good thing.

Notable stories this week


Campaign of the Week

  • From my homeland, Is NZ ready for its $80b investment windfall? The Spinoff with Simplicity (NZ’s 401k). Great thought leadership, topic draws you in, and enhanced by the existence of the brand.
  • Huck with Vans, I like this, video, photos, a great story of surfer musician Lee-Ann Curren.
  • Welcome home by Spike Jonze, for HomePod.


Smartest commentary

  • “To create content in partnership with an advertising client, we can’t just hire amazing creators. We have to hire amazing creators who can work within compressed timelines, change direction quickly, serve multiple masters, and be great client-facing collaborators on set.”Lee Sosin, SVP of Hearst Magazines Digital Media

Datapoints of note

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