Ben Young
Ben Young
January 26, 2017

With the past week dominated by Trump headlines – we’ve all simply got on with it. Polar released some great data around the future of premium branded content and who will grab the lion share (premium publishers). Google shares some info on how many publishers it has banned – and T Brand Studio gets vocal about the evolving publisher/agency dynamic.

Notable Stories this Week

Campaign of the Week

  • For Haven Life Insurance on Fatherly – simple straight forward execution. And the publisher has beautiful distribution units on the site, positioning the Haven brand well. Like the Esurance execution I shared a few weeks back, this is a great template for native content. Especially like the combination of video + article, we find that this, when done well, over indexes on performance.

Smartest Commentary

  • “I think the advertising world going forward is going to be filled with fewer, better ads.” – Deep Focus CEO Ian Schafer AND “There is a lot of audience that’s spread out on places that are not [Facebook and Google], especially younger audiences,” he said. “As audiences get younger, it’s becoming increasingly harder to reach them where everybody else is able to get reached.”
  • “Brands are becoming publishers, publishers becoming agencies, agencies becoming technology companies.” – Sebastian Tomich, SVP Advertising & Innovation, T Brand Studio

Datepoints of Note

From a Polar study, some great stuff in here.

  • Premium branded content will be a $20b market by 2021.
  • The top 5000 publishers will generate $6b in 2017.
  • The market is growing at 35%.
  • The average publisher in the Top 100 will grow from $30 million in premium branded content digital revenue in 2016 to $100 million by 2021. These estimates include all types of premium branded content, including editorial sponsorships, custom content and partner content programs.
  • The above study gives more context to the recent data shared that native budget shares are shaking out at 43% publishers, 39% social and 19% programmatic.

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