Ben Young
Ben Young
January 19, 2017

Whilst Medium shutters ads is expanding theirs, their little known programme WordAds added video this week. Of course the scale is completely different but interesting.

Notable Stories this Week

  • Programmatic native ads are growing – but banner habit is hard to break. My 2 cents – it’s too hard to buy programmatic native, make it easier more people will buy.
  • Why 2017 will be the year of native content and engagement.
  • Lousy ads are running the online experience. A good read from Walt Mossberg, not just another me too post.
  • SnapChat to offer sequenced messaging. ‘What’s interesting here is that this becomes part of the DNA of a buy. You’re starting to think through a linear story or a progression that can be told in a couple of steps, which is quite a bit different than your typical execution that you’d see elsewhere in social.’ -> would love to see more of this in native.
  • (yes that WordPress) launches video ads via their WordAds programme.

Campaign of the Week

  • This is an interesting one, HBX (Harvard Business School Digital Learning) on Harvard Business Review, packaged as sponsored content. Consider HBR as a potential platform for your content!

Smartest Commentary

  • “Native is the only viable advertising solution for mobile.” – Patrick Keane, President at ShareThrough.

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