Ben Young
Ben Young
November 3, 2016

A crisp fall (autumn) week here in New York but lots going on: Facebook Q3 results are incredible, WSJ coverage of ad spend is very interesting. And I had a great time chatting with Patrick Keane at the LiveRamp RampUp event. Thanks if you made it.

Facebook is nearing the limits of their ad load – with the next horizon Instant Articles and/or any other way they can get more attention. The curious part in the data is that mobile is killing it for them, desktop is growing but is a small portion. Anticipate more efforts here in the future to help desktop pick up.

Notable Stories this Week

Campaign of the Week

  • Commercial-free breaks by Fox Sports in partnership with T-Mobile. Instead of an ad break, more commentary brought to you T-Mobile. I like this, people want their “TV content’ interruption free. Expect to see more and more of this kind of integration in the future

Smartest Commentary

  • “Desktop is rapidly becoming the new ‘print’ for publisher.” – Tom Jenen, President at Polar
  • “Sponsored content, which is categorized separately from native-display due to the direct relationship between publishers and brands in creating the format, will be the fastest-growing native format over the next five years. However, the high cost to produce these ads and the limitation in inventory will limit the format.”
  • [Podcast] From down under – give it a listen.

Datapoints of Note

  • Blocking ad blockers doubled Facebook’s desktop ad revenue growth (from 9-18%).
  • [Early Google Native data] Over the the course of two months, Google claims that the method of testing different versions of creative programmatically increased hotel bookings 1662 percent—a rate 16 times more effective than the brand’s previous campaign that also dropped the cost per acquisition by 92%.
  • Digital ad spending is becoming concentrated with the 10 leading digital ad-selling companies, accounting for 74% of total revenues 2016 H1, up slightly from 72% 2015 H1.
  • Nearly half (48%) of newspaper media are already carrying some form of native advertising and another 39% are likely to turn to the channel as an advertising option.
  • CNN has seen an 80% increase in AMP traffic since September.

Trends to Watch/Bleeding Edge

  • Ad breaks being swapped out for content experiences blended in to the show.
  • Content everywhere. Uber is opening up content in its app, next step is ads. And so on.

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