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All of our branded content, native advertising and paid, custom, sponsored content content.

Notable content includes How branded content drives business outcomes, The Best Native of 2021 (and the six years prior 20,19,18,17,16,15).

Protein sees real time success with Nudge

Protein ran three pieces of paid content for Don Julio across three different publishers. By integrating Nudge they had access to a dashboard which gave them a consistent measure of performance across all three platforms in real time. No more waiting six weeks for reports. For the first time they had viewability on the earned impressions and virality of the content. They were able to clearly highlight which advertorial was the most effective from a media investment point of view at any… Continue reading

Mikaela Johansson
Mikaela Johansson
May 21, 2014

Native Ad Analytics

With the huge growth of Native Ads over the past few years we’re seeing appetite from Advertisers and Indie Publishers for Analytics catered specifically for their context. Nudge Analytics complements these executions nicely. 1) Advertorials must look different It’s easy to drop our code in and get fresh share buttons with custom analytics behind them. 2) Whitelabelled Dashboard We can provide a white labelled dashboard so you can let your clients log in and see their data. Continue reading

Willem Ockhuysen
Willem Ockhuysen
February 21, 2014