Willem Ockhuysen
Willem Ockhuysen
February 21, 2014

With the huge growth of Native Ads over the past few years we’re seeing appetite from Advertisers and Indie Publishers for Analytics catered specifically for their context.

Nudge Analytics complements these executions nicely.

1) Advertorials must look different
It’s easy to drop our code in and get fresh share buttons with custom analytics behind them.

2) Whitelabelled Dashboard
We can provide a white labelled dashboard so you can let your clients log in and see their data. It’s open and transparent.

3) Campaign Fees
You earn money when you run a campaign, we’re happy to align with that pricing on a per campaign fee or a nice fixes monthly fee.

4) Time
You don’t want your team having to pull together all this data manually, free up their time so they can spend more time with your customers.

5) Updates
We ship new updates each month, need a feature? Let us know and we’ll look at rolling it out.

And for Brands if you’re buying branded content across publishers we can provide you with consistent benchmarking across the board, letting you make better media decisions and increasing advertising effectiveness.