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Introducing Nudge 3.0

  Introducing the next exciting phase of Nudge with its newly built AI intelligence layer, features, updates, and Nudge Spectrum.   Get in touch with your account manager today, to talk about the latest features.   Content prediction ‘Predict how well your content will do before it goes live’   Through Nudge’s latest artificial intelligence layer, the platform now has the ability to determine key metrics associated with a campaign before it goes live,… Continue reading

Gustaf Stenlund
Gustaf Stenlund
September 27, 2017

Video Attribution

Video advertising is like the dark arts, there are many different players; different environments, devices, vendors and ways it’s served to the end consumer. This makes it difficult to truly understand where and what combination is truly engaging consumers and lifting results. As a way to sort through this mess, video attribution is a way of benchmarking the quality of the inventory you are buying. The ground hypothesis is, the ultimate measure of advertising effectiveness is the way… Continue reading

Ben Young
Ben Young
September 5, 2017

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