apple police
apple police
[Via Twitter] Hunter Walk shares early data on his Medium earnings. Reminds me of the early days of Kindle Lending, where there was a fixed pool of cash divided by not many reads, so each was worth a lot more. Keen to see how this unfolds. As a reminder, here’s more on Mediums pivot away from ads.Notable Stories this Week
Deals/M&A Campaign of the Week
  • From our favs, Skift + IBM. From novelty to game changer, AI and the future of work in the travel industry.
  • ^ But please Skift, turn off the overlay on the content!
  • [Nativeception] Autotrader on TheDrum talking to automotive marketers.
Smartest commentary Datapoints of note Events
  • [Sep 27, New York] Native Forum at AdWeek, speakers include John Nardone, Flashtalking on personalization of native, Disney, Turner Ignite, TTD, Vice and Conde.