Video advertising is like the dark arts, there are many different players; different environments, devices, vendors and ways it’s served to the end consumer.This makes it difficult to truly understand where and what combination is truly engaging consumers and lifting results.As a way to sort through this mess, video attribution is a way of benchmarking the quality of the inventory you are buying.The ground hypothesis is, the ultimate measure of advertising effectiveness is the way it impacts a consumer. And an objective way of measuring this is how it drives business outcomes. Even for brand campaigns you should see an uplift in business outcomes – as mindshare has increased.So one way to tackle this is to benchmark video executions by their ability to create purchase intent or actual business outcomes.So you would tag all your video executions, then benchmark the combinations by their attribution rates.This then very quickly identifies what executions are actually leaving an impact with the consumer.Here’s an example of what that analysis could look like in a Google Sheet.And of course, if you’d like software to run that, you can utilize the Nudge Video Attribution, to do the heavy lifting for you.