Ben Young
Ben Young
May 29, 2023

Marketers seeking to understand the impact of their content, want to understand the engagement users take on it. This means capturing events or actions which indicate some extra level of engagement with the content. 

These engagement metrics would be:

  • Attention, the way Nudge measures it, second by second, to see if someone is actually consuming the content. 
  • Average scroll, seeing how the user scrolls through the content. 
  • Engagement rate, the rate at which users click on something extra on the page. 
  • Conversion rate, the rate at which people take a conversion action. 
  • Bounce rate. 


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Marketers seek engagement metrics because it offers a proof point that the content is adding value to the visitor. It is especially helpful for audience development and paid promotion. Proving that the traffic source is driving quality engagement, is a measure of that traffic sources ROI. 

Vice versa, low engagement can indicate poor quality content. However companies with poor engagement, typically are focused on low traffic first, as low quality tends to mean less traffic. 


How do you measure content engagement? 

Use an analytics system like Nudge, that captures content engagement metrics. Sign up, install the code and get the data. 

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