Willem Ockhuysen
Willem Ockhuysen
May 29, 2014

The Native Ad Market is growing rapidly, I’ve heard comments such as ‘I’ve never seen a shift happen so quickly’. The numbers suggest a $4.6b market by 2017. So what are native ads?

But before we race ahead – what are Native Ads?  73% of marketers admit to being confused by it.

Simply put, they are ads which are native to the platform they are displayed on. Instead of picking a one size fits all type ad unit (*cough* banner ad) the intention is to customize the ads content to fit in where it’s displayed.

You get the idea.

This is the first next question. The reason is – to overcome ad blindness, the standardization has meant we tend to gloss over ads. We’ve trained ourselves to not pay attention.

The change in format & placement, makes them more effective, the diversity of them should maintain the continuation.

Underpinning that, is it is more effective.  According to this study conducted by IPG Media Lab & ShareThrough

  • People looked at a Native Ad 52% more than a banner ad.
  • People consumed just as much time on a advertorial type native ad than a regular article
  • Native Ads in turn has a 18% higher purchase intent

Will it last?
The reality is that when faced with the choice of regular ad units or those that are more effective brands will choose the latter. Once they become the norm and results drop, it’ll be room for the next innovation.

They however will have a longer runway, as there is tighter editorial control over how they look & feel. Over time standardization will arise.

What are some examples?


There you have it.  Native Ads demystified.

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