Ben Young
Ben Young
February 9, 2016

Content retargeting is a new tool in the content marketers toolkit, recently I covered how to retarget your content and thought worthwhile to share which platforms allow you to retarget content.

OutBrain recently announced with their platform you can. Utilizing their recommendation widgets to get more eyeballs on your content.

RevContent also allows you to do this.

Yahoo Gemini, also lets you leverage in-feed as well as recommendation units with their platform.

Further, most native ad platforms have some sort of audience building option, where you can tag your content and then target ads to that audience.

How it works

  1. You put a tracking pixel or piece of javascript on a grouping of content.
  2. You can then build a regular campaign targeting people that read that content.


  • Leverage Nudge to understand which distribution is driving the best quality traffic.
  • Add several steps to your funnel to ensure you’re moving people closer to conversion.
  • Pace them out to match your typical purchase cycle, utilize frequency caps where possible so you aren’t over doing it.
  • Track down-stream conversions

This is part of our Guide to Content Retargeting.